Interview with Brian McAboy, Trading Psychology and Business Coach

At first, trading might seem easy since all you have to do really is open and fund a brokerage account to place a trade.  But anyone who’s been trading for any length of time quickly learns that there is way more to trading than just pressing a few buttons.

So it was my absolute pleasure when I got a chance to speak to Brian McAboy, who’s a trader as well as trading coach himself.

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Brian McAboy previously worked as a mechanical engineer with a focus on quality control.  At one point in his career he was introduced to trading, and once he began trading his life would never be the same.

While finding his own groove in trading, he leveraged his quality engineering background to document his process and apply it to his own trading.  Several years after placing his very first trade, he found the opportunity to help other traders do the same thing and began coaching.

One thing that Brian emphasizes that you don’t hear much about from other trading coaches is the need to treat trading as a business, with a properly documented business plan.  Many intelligent people think that trading doesn’t need to be taken seriously like any other business might.  But in trading, whether or not you realize it, you need a plan and you need to follow your plan in order to be successful.

Brian was very generous with his time and spent about an hour speaking with me about many aspects of trading.  This interview is well worth your time to listen to.

Here’s what you’ll learn in this interview:

  • How long should it really take to find your footing in trading.
  • Why he discourages most people he talks to from trading if they’re not really ready to take it on as a business.
  • What are the distinguishing traits in people that separates those most likely to succeed in trading versus those who aren’t.
  • Why he loves to coach other traders.
  • Why most trading psychology stuff on the web is actually not helpful at all.
  • Why thoroughly documenting your system is the key to having 100% confidence in your trading.
  • How does someone know when they’ve found a trading manner that fits their personality
  • How he leveraged his engineering background to treat trading as a process
  • Why having a properly documented “quality manual” in your trading business that anyone can understand is how you truly develop consistency in your trading
  • What’s the one piece of advice he gives to traders starting out

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